Ep. 17 – 3 Keys To Business Success

Ep. 17 – 3 Keys To Business Success

We spend so much time, thought, and energy trying to get ahead in life. How to advance our careers, our businesses, and our earnings. But in my 15+ years in business I’ve found 3 simple keys to success that are so simple to do, yet so rare to find.

When I do find someone who actually implements even just 2 of these practices, they’re a keeper. They’re typically a business or worker with incredible reviews and a long list of dedicated clients and someone that I want to work with over and over.

This episode is partly my business findings and partly just me venting about the daily struggle 🙂

Whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, this episode is for you.


Not really much to post for this episode. I talked briefly about last weekend’s camping trip with my parents but rather than put that here I’ll throw up a separate blog post for that.

While posting this episode, I learned of the sad news that Chris Cornell passed away today. I definitely enjoyed some of his work over the years and respected his vocal chops. Especially these 2 videos:

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